Cost of Saving.

From my discussion with a lot of clients, there is a common thought which is the need to save prior to purchasing a house. It is a good thought to want to save. However in today’s market with a lot of programs available to facilitate home ownership. I have been explaining why waiting to purchase… Continue Reading

REO properties

Let’s take a quick look at REO properties REO properties are bank, lender or government owned properties. Properties that did not sell at a foreclosure auction. REO properties present a lot of opportunities but also some issues. Pros of REO properties Prices tend to be lower compare to a non REO property. Provide opportunity to… Continue Reading

Loans quick facts

Given that the majority of houses bought are financed, it is important to have an idea about the types of loans available. ¬† Conventional Loan: Widely used, it is a loan issued by a bank or a mortgage broker. This loan is not backed by any government agency. ¬†Even though most loans come with a… Continue Reading