Different types of Architecture.

While looking to purchase the perfect house, we are confronted with different type of architectural styles. In fact, it can become besetting to properly differentiate and understand each type. Below, you will be provided with a brief description of various architectural styles. Cape Cod This style of architecture started in the Mid 20th century. a… Continue Reading

REO properties

Let’s take a quick look at REO properties REO properties are bank, lender or government owned properties. Properties that did not sell at a foreclosure auction. REO properties present a lot of opportunities but also some issues. Pros of REO properties Prices tend to be lower compare to a non REO property. Provide opportunity to… Continue Reading

MD housing programs quick facts

MD Mortgage program: An eligible person will be able to apply for this program. It is designed strictly for  First time home buyers in the state of MD. This program can be used with the down payment assistance as well. There is a minimum credit score required depending upon the specific loan product. The minimum… Continue Reading

Virginia housing programs

Having access to resources to purchase a property can be challenging for most people. Whether it is credit issues or income issues. Each state has programs that allow its residents to partake in homeownership.Today I will provide some info about some of the programs available in VA. Virginia Housing Development Authority Loans This programs offers… Continue Reading