About me

Came to DC to work with my clients in finance and investment for 6 months. The goal was to return back to NYC. Given that I was already licensed in Real estate in PA, I decided to work with renters from time to time. While working with renters, I came to realize that I wanted to be more involved and provide better guidance to my clients. Therefore, I stopped working in finance and elected to focus mainly on real estate. Purposefully, I decided to live every 6 months in different neighborhoods to better know them in order to better advice my clients ( after all, dedication is very important). I Took the time to know the DMV in and out as well as programs, regulations and other tools available to homebuyers and homeowners.

With a background in finance and home improvement, whenever I am with a client, i focus on his/her specific long term and short term goals. After all, a house can provide a foundation for long term financial stability.

I believe that there are no blanket answers when it comes to advising my clients as many variables are present in each person’s goals coupled with the fact that each transaction is different. Hence a need for me to constantly improve myself by learning new laws, regulations as well as attending educational seminars to constantly improve and stay on top of new developments.

My coming to the DMV might have been accidental, however my desire and dedication to provide proper guidance to my clients is purposeful.

Je parles Francais ègalement.