Census 2020

During the last census in 2010, Children under the age of 5 were undercounted. Hence, giving an inaccurate figure about them.

Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the importance of a census. In fact, Census helps shape communities, cities and the country as a whole. Through census, fund are allocated and reallocated where deem needed. Schools can receive more fundings, Hospital can be expanded and or built. Funds for social services can be better allocated. Democracy can be greatly impacted given that redistricting can happen due to data collected from the census.

Given that census happens every 10 year, once completed, the data collected can transform our lives for the worst or the better.

The importance of a proper census cannot be properly appreciated due to misconceptions and other issues attached to it.

The upcoming census will be done online. However, community are organizing themselves in order to help those without internet to participate. Paper option will still be available for locations with limited access to the internet as well as communities less likely to participate.

Some states might gain or lose congressional seats after census 2020. A lot is at stake for states, cities, counties and communities.

Funding is being allocated to promote the census and push for a higher participation from residents.

It is imperative to partake into the upcoming census. Lives are at stake, resources are at stakes, more importantly, democracy is at stake.

The picture below shows a possible shift in congressional seats after the 2020 census. Courtesy of the Washington Post.

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